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Our selection of restaurants for sale cover London and across the UK. Offering leasehold, freehold and investment restaurants for sale, our team is on hand to support you in your property search, using our intimate knowledge of the restaurant industry to help you to find the right commercial premises for your business to flourish. 

Use our search filters below to explore our range of restaurants for sale. In addition to our publicly available properties, we also have an extensive range of confidential properties and off-market restaurants that we match to active, qualified buyers in our database. To ensure that you do not miss out on the right restaurant for your business, register your search interests with our team. Not only will our team match your requirements to our existing properties, we will also use our envious contacts across the industry to canvas and find unparalleled opportunities of restaurants for sale.


How to search for restaurants for sale

Following the shake-up to property use classes in the UK in 2020, the use class A3 - Restaurants and Cafes has been replaced by the new Use Class E - Commercial, Business and Service

A3 - Restaurants and Cafes

Before being replaced in September, 2020, when searching for restaurants for sale the A3 - Restaurants and Cafe use class was very important. This A3 use class included restaurants, snack bars and cafes; premises where food and drink was purchased to be consumed on site.  

Use Class E - Commercial, Business and Service

Following the changes brought about by the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020, the new Use Class E - Commercial, Business and Service means that planning permission was no longer required for premises to change usage between:

  • Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Offices
  • Clinics and Health Centres
  • Creches and Day Nurseries
  • Gyms

Importantly, when searching for restaurants for sale, these changes to the Use Classes open up new possibilities and avenues for available properties. Under the new class E, the following uses are grouped into one:

  • E (a) Display or retail sale of goods, other than hot food
  • E (b) Sale of food and drink for consumption (mostly) on the premises
  • E (c) Provision of:
  • (i) Financial Services;
  • (ii) Professional Services (other than health or medical services), or;
  • (iii) Other appropriate services in a commercial, business or service locality
  • E (d) Indoor sport, recreation or fitness (not involving motorised vehicles or firearms)
  • E (e) Provision of medical of health services (except the use of premises attached to the residence of the consultant or practitioner)
  • E (f) Creche, day nursery or day centre (not including a residential use)
  • E (g) Uses which can be carried out in a residential area without detriment to its amenity:
  • (i)  Offices to carry out any operational or administrative functions,
  • (ii)  Research and development of products or processes
  • (iii)  Industrial processes

These new use classes were introduced to help streamline the property search and planning process. This changed how you can search for restaurants for sale due to the wider availability of properties suitable for restaurant usage. For up to date advice on how to find a suitable restaurant property for your business, either register your property search requirements with us or contact our team.