Pubs for Sale London

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Pub For Sale vs For Rent vs Tenancy

An important distinction when searching for your next pub premises is whether you are searching for a pub for sale, a leasehold pub or a pub tenancy. Leisure property choices are often a balance between cost and control. If you need further information regarding the differences between tenancy, leasehold and freehold pubs, we’ve assembled this helpful guide

When searching for a London pub for sale, set the property tenure search filter to ‘Freehold’. A freehold pub means that the freeholder owns the property, and has complete control over the pub; free from beer ties, rent hikes or franchising regulations. 

Things to consider with London Pubs for Sale

It is important to consider that London pubs for sale will have higher costs compared to pubs for lease. Commercial mortgages are an option, but these require a deposit and a comprehensive business plan to convince the lender to give you the money. There are other issues to consider: you’ll be responsible for all repairs, insurance and property costs, which can be considerable.

Following the introduction of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020 legislation, pubs now fall under the Sui Generis Use Class rather than the previous A4

If you are looking for a London pub for sale, Restaurant Property can help you to find the right place. Register your property search requirements with our team of property experts to ensure you do not miss out on the ideal property for you or your pub business.