Pubs for Sale London

As London’s leading specialist in leisure property, Restaurant Property are well positioned to deliver you the premium service when you are searching for pubs for sale in London. 

With a wide selection of online, off-market and confidential London pubs for sale, we will help to find the right property for you and your pub business.


Pub For Sale vs For Rent vs Tenancy

An important distinction when searching for your next pub premises is whether you are searching for a pub for sale, a leasehold pub or a pub tenancy. Leisure property choices are often a balance between cost and control. If you need further information regarding the differences between tenancy, leasehold and freehold pubs, we’ve assembled this helpful guide

When searching for a London pub for sale, set the property tenure search filter to ‘Freehold’. A freehold pub means that the freeholder owns the property, and has complete control over the pub; free from beer ties, rent hikes or franchising regulations. 

Things to consider with London Pubs for Sale

It is important to consider that London pubs for sale will have higher costs compared to pubs for lease. Commercial mortgages are an option, but these require a deposit and a comprehensive business plan to convince the lender to give you the money. There are other issues to consider: you’ll be responsible for all repairs, insurance and property costs, which can be considerable.

Following the introduction of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020 legislation, pubs now fall under the Sui Generis Use Class rather than the previous A4

If you are looking for a London pub for sale, Restaurant Property can help you to find the right place. Register your property search requirements with our team of property experts to ensure you do not miss out on the ideal property for you or your pub business.

When searching for a pub for sale, it is important to know the ins and outs of how to run a pub. There are an extensive array of legal requirements that you as the pub operator will be responsible for ensuring compliance with. One such example is the so-called 'pub licence'. Whilst there is no such thing as a pub licence within the UK, you will require both a premises licence for your pub, as well as a designated premises supervisor to hold a personal licence to serve or supply alcohol within your pub. 

Whilst you might just be casually browsing for pubs for sale, it might be useful at this stage to understand the necessity of pub insurance. The extent and nature of the insurance you will need for your pub will depend on whether you operate your pub as a tenancy, leasehold or freehold. You can read our summary of pub insurance in our guide here.

Why are London Pubs so special?

London's pubs display the best that the capital has to offer.

From quaint historic Tudor pubs adorned with exposed wooden beams and low ceilings through to funky, vibrant pubs and everything in between, each London pub has its own unique story and distinct personality. The choice of drinks within London pubs can vary from the delight of a traditional real ale poured straight from the cask to the innovative flavours of a craft beer.

It isn't just the choice of drinks that make London pubs so special; they are often the hub of the community that they serve. A good pub is a meeting ground for friends, a place for locals to share tall tales and for visitors to mingle with the regulars. A London pub is far more than the mere four walls that surround it. They embody the character, culture and history that makes London. Therefore, when searching for a London pub for sale, it is important to entrust London's leading leisure property specialists to help you find the right pub for you. Being a pub owner in London involves more than just managing a company; it also encompasses engaging in the community, maintaining local traditions, and providing both new and regular customers with memorable experiences.  

Searching for your next London Pub

We at Restaurant Property are aware of the importance of locating the ideal pub for sale. Finding the ideal pub is a difficult and intricate process that calls for significant financial commitment as well as a lot of thought and deliberation. With the aid of our team and our extensive network of pub listings, we take pride in being aware of the most comprehensive, in-depth selection of pubs for sale. Whilst our website lets you narrow down your search based on criteria like location, property tenure, rent and the size of your ideal pub, the best way to get access to the whole market of London pubs for sale is to register your property search requirements with our team to receive personalised, tailored opportunities. Our team of property experts have an enviable contact list and an unprecedented knowledge of the leisure property industry that they use to your advantage. 

Taking the next steps

When you have found the right pub for sale, when it is time to take the next step chances are you will be asked to undertake thorough AML checks. These anti-money laundering checks, also referred to as KYC (Know Your Clients), are a legal requirement for properties with a rent of over £10,000 per annum, and will involve having your ID and proof of address checked to confirm your identity, and also to identify if you are politically exposed or have any bad debt.