Neyba is an exciting new food tech business offering customers multi - cuisine cooked food & groceries in one simple order. It provides food curated by some of the nations most respected chefs giving authority to each of the cooked food cuisines on offer.  

The smart kitchen that defines Neyba is exposed for all to see. For Neyba, it is important that customers enjoy the spectacle of their dishes being prepared in front of them. Customers order and collect their food directly from the kitchen, surrounded by the grocery items, helping to immerse them in the operation and feeling totally at home. The initial site has 18 covers in total, giving a very intimate feel. The clean and bright style of the furniture delivers a Scandinavian feel. 

To continue their growth, Neyba are targeting affluent London zone 2 - 3 areas within high density residential areas as well as office locations. 

  • High density of families and young professionals
  • Areas of high use of delivery platforms and above average AOV
  • Areas of high AOV
  • All within 2 miles of each other

Areas include: Notting Hill (launched March ’22), Hampstead Heath, King’s Cross, Islington, City, Canary Wharf, London Bridge, Dulwich, Clapham Common/Old Town, Wimbledon Village, Fulham/Chelsea, Kensington.

Neyba’s property requirements include:

  • 1500 - 2800 sq ft
  • Ground floor (can include basement space)
  • Existing extraction in place
  • Parking and access for deliveries
  • Class E or A5 considered
  • Existing or possibility to obtain an alcohol licence

Designed to deliver convenience whether dining in or eating out, Neyba works with fresh, organic produce that Michelin and celebrity chefs use in their own kitchens, giving customers a whole host of groceries for their fridges and pantries at affordable prices.

The Neyba team have developed their offering with a range of celebrity and Michelin starred chefs to ensure the authority and quality when serving multiple cuisines from one kitchen. They develop a new menu every quarter to keep the offering fresh and new. 

Some of the chef partners who launched with Neyba include:

  • Miguel Barclay’s Miguel’s Pizza (New York Style pizza)
  • Tony Singh’s Curries (authentic north and south Indian plant based sauces and proteins)
  • Yoko Nakada’s Makes Miso Hungry (authentic Japanese home cuisine)
  • Endo Kazathoshi (cook at home kits)

What sets Neyba apart is the grocery offering. Aligning the quality of the cooked food with the grocery options is paramount for the brand. The primary mission of the grocery offering is to stop people wasting food by being forced to buy too much, for both impulse and planned purchases. 

For Neyba to consider stocking a grocery product, the following criteria must be met:

  • Natural and organic. 
  • Small portions available of perishable goods to stop food wastage. 
  • A product that our chef partners would use in their own cooking. 
  • Strong logistics 
  • Reciprocal marketing support