Freehold Pubs for Sale

For pub operators prioritising control, a freehold pub is the ultimate goal. 

As the freeholder, the operator will own the property; resulting in no franchising requirements, no rent hikes and the possibility that the value of the property will rise over time. For pub operators specifically, a freehold pub will mean no beer ties or restrictions on the range of food or drink on offer.

Whichever form of property ownership is appropriate for you and your business, the Restaurant Property team is on hand to help you secure the right premises for you and your pub business.


 Searching for Freehold Pubs for Sale

The process of searching for freehold pubs for sale changed in September 2020 following the introduction of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020 legislation. 

Introduced to streamline and simplify the planning process, the legislation removed many of the old use classes and replaced them with new, simplified classes, or moved uses into existing classes. Pubs and bars, which had previously been A4, takeaways (formerly A5), cinemas and live music venues (formerly D2) became part of the Sui Generis Use Class. For the full details on the Sui Generis use class and how this affects searching for freehold pubs for sale, read our in-depth guide here.

Freehold pubs for sale have higher associated costs, which are prohibitive for many pub owners and operators. Whilst commercial mortgages are available, these typically require significant deposits and a comprehensive business plan to convince a lender to loan you the money. Additionally, the costs of repair, insurance and property costs can amount to considerable amounts.