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Commercial Property Valuation

At Restaurant Property, we understand the importance of an accurate commercial property valuation. Whether it be in preparation for a restaurant sale, a security for a loan, a valuation for accounts purposes or purely for curiosity, understanding the value of your commercial property is absolutely essential. 

Our commercial property valuation services are built upon rigorous and thorough working procedures that prioritise accuracy and efficiency. Commercial property is an industry dominated by compliance and regulations. Our team specialise in delivering transparency through process and communication.

We understand that receiving a realistic valuation for commercial property can be the foundation you need to take the next step, such as selling your restaurant or pub. Our team of commercial property valuers work closely with our other departments such as disposals and acquisitions to ensure that your commercial property valuation is based on every investment and usage opportunity available. Since the shake-ups to the planning use classes in 2020, specifically to Use Class E and Sui Generis, the potential uses for many commercial properties have changed significantly. 

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What determines a commercial property valuation?

There are multiple different approaches to calculating a commercial property valuation. Whilst it can be calculated using the cost approach as simply the cost of the land plus the cost of construction, this fails to take into account the nuances involved in commercial property such as the potential for income generation. Income, as well as gross rent, can be used as a key factor when determining a commercial property valuation, especially the cap rate. The cap rate is often calculated by analysing similar properties in the area, so it is vital to use a commercial property agent with an intricate and real time understanding of the area to ensure that the valuation is based on up-to-date information. 

This understanding of the market and of similar properties also extends to understanding what similar properties sold for on the market, and using this information as a stand point to value your commercial property. As experienced appraisers, we are able to apply our knowledge of the London commercial property market to calculate an accurate valuation for commercial properties, taking into account the unique features of certain properties that will differentiate them from similar on or recently on the market. 

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