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Trendy Restaurants London Will Love in 2016

These restaurants have gained serious momentum.

Like any brand, the hype around a London restaurant will ebb and flow over time.


The trendy London restaurants on this list are ones that have gained serious momentum over the past few months, and who we expect will continue to grow and kick on in the new year.

1. Shotgun

2015 had to wait until mid-October to get its hands on a meal at Shotgun, a new project from the owners of The Lockhart. It was worth the wait. Like the Lockhart, Shotgun is an American affair. Specialising in slow, pit-roasted meats, Shotgun’s concept holds watertight. Their name refers to the elongated, narrow ‘shotgun houses’ of New Orleans, which this location emulates: both in its own interior layout, and its Louisiana barbecue meats. Shotgun’s pig’s ear and sourdough sandwiches have already created a big buzz in their two months of operation, so look out for more Shotgun success in 2016.


2. Shackfuyu

Shackfuyu is the Old Compton Street sister of Bone Daddies on Peter Street. The name means ‘winter shack’, referring to the operation’s February opening early this year. Where its older Soho sibling is a ramen bar joint, Shackfuyu serves up Yoshoku food: western favourites with a Japanese take. From their rock’n’roll classics Spotify playlists to their lunch menu of party favourites (tacos, Korean fried chicken, chips and curry sauce), it is Shackfuyu’s ability to make dining fun that has won it such glowing media attention.


3. Zelman Meats

This conceptual Soho steakhouse opened in November. A project of Dave Strauss, Zelman Meats has no menu, serving beef, wine and cocktails. There are other things to eat, but they’re very much peripheral. Zelman Meats is so exciting because it offers exceptional quality meat at great value. A meal will come in at under £20, plus they do a great lunchtime steak sandwich for just £5. Most meals are charged by weight here, too, leaving the customer feeling that they’ve got their money’s worth.


4. German Gymnasium

The site of the old German Gymnastics Society (a stunning King’s Cross statement-property) was scooped up by D&D.  Executive Chef Bjoern Wassmuth is now in charge of the German Gymnasium Restaurant, one of the few true German restaurants in London, serving truffled beef broth, tafelspitz and veal schnitzel. German Gymnasium has got people excited about one of the capital’s lesser-spotted cuisines and could be at the heart of a German invasion in 2016.


5. Sexy Fish

Caprice Holdings’ latest, boldest concept is Sexy Fish: an Asian fish and seafood restaurant in Berkeley Square. Ben Orpwood is heading up the kitchen, producing a menu that picks the finest treasures out of the ocean: oysters, caviar and lobster. It is what owner Richard Caring has done outside the kitchen, however, that has made this October-opening so popular. Filled with statement art, daring theming and plush fittings, simply entering Sexy Fish is enough to get people talking. This trending restaurant is certainly set for a big new year.


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