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The Hottest Young Restaurant Brands

Here we will share three hot restaurant brands, examining just what makes them so popular.

We work very closely with restaurant property landlords to help them find the right operators to work with. Our restaurant property agents are experts in recognising successful operations and finding them premier locations with trusted landlords.

This means being able to see what makes a good restaurant a good business. Here we will share three hot restaurant brands, examining just what makes them so popular.

Patty and Bun

It is official – London is the burger capital of the world. The city is bursting with beef and buns to the point of saturation. And yet where some burger restaurants fail others succeed: so what is the recipe to success?

Branding plays a key role. There are so many other burger-peddlers, it isn’t enough to simply make incredible burgers. You need something extra too. Patty & Bun have managed to thrive in this hypercompetitive market through their excellent brand work.

One way they have done this is by choosing clever locations.  If there’s anything trendier than the opening in Hackney, it’s opening in a railway arch. By doing both with their third location, “The Arch”, they made a great move in appealing to their core market of young, casual diners.

The location, near to London Field brewery and a slew of trendy nightspots, firmly cements them as a leading name among this demographic, tying the brand into the culture surrounding London burgers – namely, craft ale and music.

Everything about the brand is designed to appeal to the 18-40-year-old fast-causal diners that keep the burger business booming. A menu of pop culture references like the Lamb Shank Redemption and Smokey Robinson Burgers combine with artwork drawn on cardboard boxes to let this demographic know this is where they should be buying their burgers.



Where P&B (as they smartly abbreviate themselves to) thrive in an over-popular market, Andina offers a type of cuisine many diners have not even considered.

Peruvian food is a relative newcomer to London’s multicultural cooking pot. The average diner may even struggle to name a typically Peruvian dish. It is in recognising the potential for a Peruvian brand that Andina mastermind Martin Morales has found success.

Andina is Morales’ second Peruvian brand in the capital. Her sister restaurant, Ceviche opened two central locations before Andina opened in Shoreditch.

It is precisely the lack of Peruvian competitors in the marketplace that makes opening a new operation under a different name such a great move for Morales.

On the menu there isn’t much between the two brands: both serve a wide range of the eponymous ceviche – raw seafood cured in citrus juices – and grilled seafood and meat in a tapas-like format.

Compared to the Ceviche, Morales explains that “Andina is inspired by the family-run Pincantarias found in the heart of the Andes. These are restaurants open all day long”.

This a format that will be very familiar to anyone who works and eats in Shoreditch: the casual restaurant/street-food operation that turns very quickly into a bar-with-DJ around 7 pm. No wonder Andina has fit in so well on Shoreditch High Street.


Porky’s BBQ

Porky’s sell authentic Memphis style BBQ from three London locations but are soon to expand further. From their first site in Camden, they expanded to Southbank, thriving on the busy market traffic and high tourist footfall along the Thames. They also hold a coveted BOXPARK plot in Shoreditch and are soon opening in Crouch End.

Porky’s great insight is that authentic food doesn’t have to mean a serious dining experience. This set them apart from other BBQ brands such as Blues Kitchen and Red’s True BBQ.

Instead of narrating promotional videos with gruff American accents or cultivating a cowboy aesthetic, Porky’s let the food itself convince customers that they take BBQ seriously. Then, without the constraint of the traditionally macho image of BBQ food, they are free to make the customer’s experience as fun as possible.

One way they have achieved this is with their innovative use of their properties’ interior spaces. We have written of the importance of interior design to restaurant success. Porky’s excelled here with their American style sports screen hubs and frat-party games of beer pong perfectly complimenting their authentic-but-fun menu.

In all three examples, finding the perfect location has been crucial to the success of these new bands.


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