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The Fantastic, Innovative Technology Driving London's Restaurants Forward

Whether you’re buying leisure property in London for the first time, or you’re a seasoned restaurateur looking to make your next purchase, it’s essential that you consider how to differentiate yourselves from the competition.

One clear way to do this is to equip your unit with the latest, sophisticated restaurant technology. Here are some of the restaurants our London restaurant property agents consider to be cutting-edge, using restaurant tech to drive revenue, increase brand familiarity and maximise their customer experience.

What are you doing to differentiate yourselves from the competition?


Located on Beak Street, Soho, Grillshack is a modern take on the quintessential American diner. However, modernity does not end with the restaurant’s décor, as customers are encouraged to order and pay for their food through their smartphones.

Ultimately, this creates a fast-paced eating experience that matches the restaurant’s all-day menu, and ensures a fast turn-around of customers ensuring maximum profit and a wait-free experience for the customer.


Novotel Blackfriars

The Novotel at Blackfriars is full of advanced technology – from the digital check-in system to the Virtual Concierge that recommends local events.

In the bar, the Microsoft surface table enables diners to plan their night ahead, while the iPads at their tables allow them to order digitally, view ingredients, images of the food, and cost. At breakfast, guests can then watch TV in dining booths with headphones to enjoy a moment’s silence.


The Thirsty Bear

Tablets play a vital part of the service at The Thirsty Bear – an unassuming pub in Blackfriars. Branding itself as a ‘pub revolutionised’, the Bear allows guests to use iPads on the tables to design custom burgers and purchase a variety of beers without having to leave the table. In addition, patrons can also change the music on the virtual dukebox.

More than any pub in London, this one is about the user experience. No queuing at the bar and total customisation, completing the picture of an entirely modern pub.


Rex and Mariano

Rex and Mariano have implemented a tablet ordering system like a number of the above establishments, but they have taken the savings they make through their automated system and are re-investing it back into their food, ensuring guests receive the highest quality fish on their plates for a market-inclusive price.

Customers are also invited to order as much or as little of each dish or drink as they like, encouraging them to pay for more than they perhaps usually would.



One restaurant stands out against the others when it comes to engaging their customers with hyper-modern technology: Inamo.

While this Soho and St. James’s Street-based Japanese-fusion restaurant chain enables you to pay electronically like the restaurants above, diners can also order their meals from the projected screens on their table, as well as choose their tablecloth and play projected games while they wait for their food. 

It’s vital that if you are looking to buy restaurant property in London, that you differentiate yourself. Technology will:

  • Reduce costs by lowering staff and maintenance-related overheads.
  • Enable you to stand out with an added unique selling point. Perhaps you could be the first operator in your culinary specialty to implement advanced tech like that above.
  • Provide your customers with an engaging experience that brings them back, increasing your rate of return custom.
  • Spread word of mouth about your launch through a targeted, cost-effective marketing campaign.
  • Drive revenue by reducing staff-related costs through innovative tech implementations.

If you’re buying restaurant property in London, it’s vital that you consider ways to differentiate yourself in London’s highly competitive leisure and hospitality market.

Cutting-edge technology can be one selling to help give your London restaurant property that competitive edge, so speak with one of our experienced London restaurant property agents to see how you could maximise your opening’s potential.

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