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The Best Brunch in London

The brunch time trade is a growing market in London.

The brunch time trade is a growing market in London and one whose norms are still being defined. From Japanese steamed buns to gourmet eggs, and prosecco to coffee, the brunch menu is arguably the most exciting, evolving meal of the day in London.

Here are five cafe and restaurant pioneers striking exciting new ground between 10am and 2pm.


A snug little restaurant on the Rye, Peckham’s Pedler is a vibrant, community-oriented café whose boutique aesthetic effortlessly appeals to the area’s creative industry professionals and long-time Peckhamites alike. Pedler has perfected their Saturday brunch, whose menu is full of eggs, smashed avocado and endearing local turns of phrase.



Caravan bagged an incredible Grade II listed property for their morning-focussed restaurant. The large, open-plan, industrial interior makes for a special atmosphere, and a great place to catch up with friends over brunch. Those who travel to Caravan on a Saturday morning will find some sophisticated food. Confit trout and coconut bread, cumin waffle and teriyaki crab all feature as the caravan winds across the world, taking its pick from several cuisines.


EZ & Moss

The small, unassuming café near Highbury Fields sits somewhere between elegant and homely, the food between vegan and vegetarian. Naturally enough, the focus of the café is coffee, and it’s the exceptional quality of it that attracts N7’s discerning caffeinistas. But the delicious meat-free dishes are a revelation of their own.


Love Walk Cafe

More than any other brunch spot, Love Walk Café has managed to capture the new essence of Camberwell. With trendy neighbours on Coldharbour Lane, brunch here spills onto the street at the first glimpse of the sun. There’s a definite millennial vibe here, with hangover-curing smoothies served alongside healthy versions of breakfast classics.


Flesh & Buns

Run by the fun Bone Daddies brand, the food here focuses on Japanese style meat (anything from wagyu beef to fried mackerel) and sensational steamed buns. Flesh & Buns offer a popular Sunday brunch deal that pushes the bottomless brunch concept even further, applying it to food as well as drink. For £39-46, diners get a cocktail, snacks, unlimited dishes and unlimited prosecco, plus dessert.


Whether it’s the rise of the brunch menu or the effect of the living wage on restaurant operations, London’s restaurant industry is a dynamic, shifting market place, with an exciting property market to match. If you are searching for London’s best leisure property, get in touch with one of our agents today. Tell us about your ideal property over brunch, and then we’ll go find it. Call 020 7935 2222 or email

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