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Taco Bell Opens in London

Fans of American Mexican-inspired chain restaurant Taco Bell will be pleased to hear that, after an absence of over 20 years, this particular eatery has returned to our shores. Taco Bell previously launched two sites in London in 1986, one between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and another in Earl’s Court, both of which closed in the mid-Nineties.


This time around, Taco Bell has decided to think bigger, with four new sites having opened at the end of 2018. The first is located in Hammersmith and this one served its first customers on 23rd November, followed by Holborn – which was brokered by Restaurant Property – and Fulham and Croydon in December.  


The chain was founded in 1962 in California by Glen Bell who gave it its name and currently has 7,000 sites dotted around the world, including 27 outside London in the UK. The decor of the London branches is strikingly different to that across the pond, abandoning the slightly gimmicky Tex-Mex style for a more sedate English high street approach.


Of the openings, Liz Williams, President of Taco Bell International, said that they have ‘had [their] sights set on London for quite some time, and as [they] continue growing internationally, [they’re] excited to bring Taco Bell to one of the world's largest cities - and one of [their] most-requested markets.’


She added, ‘We've seen an overwhelmingly positive response to our U.K. restaurants, and have ambitious plans for growth in London and the broader U.K., targeting more than 30 U.K. restaurants by the end of the year,’ meaning Taco Bell could become a regular site on the UK high street.


The menu is different depending on where you are but there are a few signature dishes that remain, such as the Crunchwrap Supreme and the Big Bell Box Combo. The latter of which is not for the faint of heart, containing as it does a burrito, taco, nachos, churros and a soft drink all in one box.


One of the most notable differences between Taco Bell and other of the UK’s fast food chains is that this one sells alcohol. You can order an ice-cold beer or frozen margarita or daiquiri to enjoy alongside your food if you so wish. Viva Taco Bell!

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