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Restaurants on the Elizabeth Line

It is now over a year since the ultra modern and super fast Elizabeth Line opened giving easy access to those travelling across the capital, and to those bars and restaurants along the way. The brand new London train line was designed to connect Reading and Essex via central London with journey times being cut down significantly. What’s more, the Elizabeth Line is air conditioned, making it a MUCH more comfortable journey than the screamingly hot Central Line.

David Rawlinson Founding Director of Restaurant Property said: “Named after, and opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2022, it is estimated the line has so far attracted around 140,000 additional journeys in London each weekday than otherwise would have been the case. That is a lot of extra people who are shopping, visiting tourist attractions and eating out in restaurants. My hospitality industry contacts are reporting the positive impact on central London trade with people travelling from places like Maidenhead into the capital as journey is so quick. It is wonderful to see people continuing to return to bars and restaurants to support them post pandemic.”

Jonathan Kleeman is the Group Beverage Manager and Executive Head Sommelier at Story Group who's newly opened restaurant Story Cellar is a short walk from the Tottenham Court Road Station. He says: ''It's challenging to definitively assess the impact that the Elizabeth Line has had on businesses within London. However, what we've observed, particularly since the end of the Covid pandemic and with the Elizabeth Line now functioning properly, is a distinct pattern during the week. Londoners themselves tend to venture out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, typically avoiding Central London. On Friday nights and especially on Saturdays, this trend seems to intensify. We are witnessing an increasing number of visitors, not just tourists, but people from outside London, filling up seats on Saturdays. I strongly believe that the Elizabeth Line has had a notable impact on the surrounding areas. It facilitates these visitors' commute due to the increased speed of travel. Furthermore, it appears that people are moving around London more easily. The convenience of getting from one place to another has led to people being less localised in their decisions about where to eat or drink. This shift has also had a significant impact on our restaurant. In the past, I felt that our clientele, particularly at lunchtime, consisted mainly of local workers. Now, it seems that people are more willing to travel a bit further for their meals.''

Here’s our pick of great restaurants to visit along the Elizabeth Line.

Bond Street
If you’re popping into Selfridges for a spot of shopping, you’ll need to grab a bite to eat afterwards. Stay in Selfridges for great places to eat. Think Alto San Carlo on the rooftop if the weather is nice. Or head to the Brasserie Of Light with a giant sparkling Pegasus on the ceiling.

Liverpool Street
The best view in town has to be Sushi Samba and Duck & Waffle in the Heron Tower right next to Liverpool Street Station. Make sure you pre-book to get a table and enjoy spectacular views across London while enjoying incredible food.

Paddington has transformed in recent years and now the area behind the station is a hive of activity from those who live, work and travel in the area. Little Venice which is made up of pretty canals has bars and restaurants all around. Our top pick are the Canal Boats like London Shell Co (pictured) who has a static restaurant but also a cruising restaurant boat for special occasions.

Harry Lobek, co-founder of London Shell Co, said: “The Lizzie Line, as we affectionately call her, has really opened up Paddington station to new, fresh faces.  We’ve seen lots of new customers grace our restaurants.  It’s a brilliant addition to London’s transport network.”

Farringdon has the iconic Piano Works where you can request songs from musicians and enjoy dishes like Tuna Tartare and Cornfed Chicken Supreme. Vinoteca is always a good option for wine lovers who like modern British dishes with a European twist.

Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf is now only 10 minutes away from Farringdon thanks to the Elizabeth Line. We love The Ivy in The Park at Canary Wharf for the vibrant green outdoor terraces. We also adore ROKA with the tastiest menu of sushi and Japanese cuisine.

David Rawlinson continued: “The Elizabeth Line has made transport to Canary Wharf an absolute breeze from our office in Marylebone near Bond Street tube. It saves time and most importantly, it is a really comfortable journey thanks to the modern interiors and that all important air conditioning. One of our clients is Roka and the Canary Wharf branch is a perfect location for industry meetings thanks to their dramatic skyline. If you’re heading that way, I recommend the Sashimi Moriawase Ni Nin Mae which is a delicious platter with a sashimi selection, smoked eel sushi with arima sansho pepper tuna tartare, oscietra caviar and egg yolk. We’re really excited about how the Elizabeth Line has opened up the London restaurant scene to new experiences."

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