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Covent Garden

Where can you find the heart of theatreland, striking street performers and London’s oldest restaurant all within a short walk? Look no further than Covent Garden.

Read more Posted 23/11/17
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Canary Wharf

Home to some of the tallest buildings in the UK, Canary Wharf is a vibrant business and financial district of London.

Read more Posted 23/11/17
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Beautifully located in London’s Covent Garden on Southampton Street, Frog by Adam Handling is Adam Handling’s flagship restaurant site for the group.

Read more Posted 06/10/17
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Restaurant Property Continues to Take Action Against Hunger

With food literally being our bread and butter, we have always wanted to take an active part in helping people around the world, which is why we are an enthusiastic supporter of Action Against Hunger.

Read more Posted 04/10/17 by David Rawlinson
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Hyper-Convenience and The Need for ‘Now’

In the not too distant past, long lunches and sociable mealtimes around a table were the order of the day.

Read more Posted 26/09/17
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Food with Thought: How Restaurateurs Are Going Sustainable

With sustainability seemly taking hold in the restaurant industry, what does a sustainable restaurant look like today? How are they run and what are the benefits?

Read more Posted 13/09/17
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Is London Still the Place for Operators and New Concepts?

With Harden’s 2016 survey recording “off-the-charts” growth in new restaurants opening in the capital, those in the industry naturally ask “is this likely to continue this year?”.

Read more Posted 08/09/17
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CORE by Clare Smyth

Clare Smyth, who previously earned three Michelin stars with her team at Royal Hospital Road, has taken over the space once occupied by the Notting Hill Brasserie, for her first solo venture Core.

Read more Posted 06/09/17
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Is Brexit Eating the Hospitality Sector?

It’s summertime in the UK, usually a key money-spinning time for the hospitality sector, but despite the influx of big-spending tourists, all is not well beneath the surface.

Read more Posted 17/08/17
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James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy, creators of Michelin star restaurant Pidgin, are launching a new concept that takes on a British interpretation of traditional dim sum restaurants.

Read more Posted 01/08/17