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The UK’s Most Important Food Festivals

Far from a mere excuse to indulge in fresh local produce, the UK’s food festivals are an increasingly important part of the restaurant industry.

Read more Posted 05/05/16
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UK Hospitality Industry: The Birds, the Bees and the Budget

The Chancellor’s 2016 Spring Budget on the 16th March held a number of important revelations that will impact bars, restaurants, pubs and others in the leisure and hospitality sector in 2016 going forward.

Read more Posted 28/04/16
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May New Opening - Som Saa

From a pop-up in Peckham to a yearlong residency at Climpson’s Arch, the team at Som Saa comprising of Andy Oliver, Mark Dobbie and Tom George are finally settling down with a permanent new home near Spitalfields.

Read more Posted 27/04/16
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Crossrail: Exciting Impact on London’s Hospitality Industry

Crossrail, soon to be known as the ‘Elizabeth line’, is set for an operational launch of 2018.

Read more Posted 26/04/16
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Why Your Restaurant Should Launch a Pop-Up

Starting out as a pop-up is an increasingly popular way to launch a restaurant operation.

Read more Posted 12/04/16
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Most Exciting New Bars Open in London in 2016

Earlier this year, we wrote about the 2016 restaurant openings we were most excited about.

Read more Posted 11/04/16
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Sky-High Premiums in Central London Prompt Zones 2 & 3 Restaurant Boom

A noticeable trend of the restaurant property market over the past twelve months has been big brands moving their attention away from London’s saturated restaurant hotspots and towards more peripheral areas.

Read more Posted 07/04/16
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April New Opening - Sosharu

Jason Atherton – the man behind Berners Tavern, City Social and many other great London restaurants is expanding his empire with Sosharu, a new Japanese joint opening in Clerkenwell in March.

Read more Posted 23/03/16
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67 Pall Mall

67 Pall Mall is the first new private members club in Pall Mall for almost a century, it is a retreat where wine buffs can enjoy a £1,000 bottle of claret and the 1,200 members will be able to store some of their own wine in the stronghold.

Read more Posted 02/03/16
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Fashionable Places to Eat in London

Across the world, fashion shows are capturing the attention of discerning audiences.

Read more Posted 24/02/16