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Will the Night Tube Save London’s Night Time Economy?

After more than a year of delays and industry action, you could forgive Londoners for being sceptical about the August 2016 start-date for the Night Tube.

Read more Posted 12/07/16
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The Frog

Chef Adam Handling has left Adam Handling at Caxton in London's St Ermin's hotel to launch his own restaurants, starting with the Frog in the City of London.

Read more Posted 04/07/16
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Brexit Decision to Force Hand of Leisure Property Industry

The UK has voted to leave the European Union.

Read more Posted 28/06/16
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How Can Restaurants Appeal to Generation Z

Generation Y – children of the Babyboomers – are reaching the peak of their powers.

Read more Posted 21/06/16
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5 Qualities of Great Leisure Property Agents

Over the past 15 years, Restaurant Property has become the leading specialist agency for London’s leisure sector.

Read more Posted 15/06/16
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Big Chains Benefitting from Bold Disposals Strategy

In the restaurant industry, opening new stores is often seen as a success in itself.

Read more Posted 13/06/16
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Why Your Next Restaurant Property Needs Pavement Space

In a vibrant city like London, the first sunny weekends of April and May see diners explode out of cafes, bars and restaurants, onto the streets and pavements of the capital’s thoroughfares.

Read more Posted 10/06/16
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Belpassi Bros

Livio and Lorenzo Belpassi, famed for their meatball truck (parked at Spitalfields Market) will be swapping the streets of Shoreditch for South London with a 40-cover restaurant and car in Tooting.

Read more Posted 01/06/16
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A3 License: The Usage License Your Restaurant Needs?

Away from the glamour of opening night or the dramatic, fiery toil of a busy kitchen, the logistics of opening a new restaurant location rarely come to mind.

Read more Posted 24/05/16
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The National Living Wage Makes Its Mark in UK’s Restaurant Sector

Only a month after the new National Living Wage (NLW) has come into force, it is already causing a storm in the UK restaurant industry, with big high street chains modifying their operations to respond to higher payroll costs.

Read more Posted 11/05/16