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Video: Partners share their experience of Restaurant Property

  Our partners and top industry players Giuliano Lotto, Tom Knight and David Moore share their experience working with Restaurant Property.

Read more Posted 25/09/15
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Across the Zones: London's Restaurant Villages

This is our final entry in the Across the Zones series to cover London.

Read more Posted 11/09/15
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Developers’ Independent Vision for White City Redevelopment

In this post, we’ll summarise some of the key stories coming out of London leisure property landlords.

Read more Posted 03/09/15
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Estiatorio Milos “Milos”

The launch of Estiatorio Milos on Regent Street St James’s this month shines a spotlight on Greek cuisine, and in particular its focus on fish and seafood.

Read more Posted 01/09/15
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Defining London’s Biggest Restaurant Property Estates

Our dedicated team of London restaurant property experts always have their fingers on the city’s pulse.

Read more Posted 26/08/15
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Are Michelin Stars a blessing or a curse?

Our founding Director, David Rawlinson was asked to speak to Bloomberg Business about how Michelin Stars impact restaurants.

Read more Posted 25/08/15
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Korean influence growing in UK

Over the last 12 months, the capital has seen a great influx of Korean food.

Read more Posted 24/08/15
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Millennial Dining Trends to Watch Out for

Millennial Dining Trends to Watch Out for Demographics change with time, and keeping in tune with generational trends is an important part of staying ahead in the London restaurant property agency industry, for both landlords and operators.

Read more Posted 14/08/15
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Across the Zones: The Exciting Food Frontiers of Zone Three

London is a hive of interconnected food villages, each with its own distinct aesthetic, clientele and values.

Read more Posted 07/08/15
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Barrafina – Drury Lane

One of the most hotly-anticipated openings of late is the arrival of a third Barrafina in Covent Garden.

Read more Posted 01/08/15