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6 Key Questions to Ask Before Taking out a Restaurant Lease

According to the Business Outlook 2016 report, the restaurant sector is predicted to grow by about 10 per cent this year.

Read more Posted 27/09/16
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How Social Media Has Changed the Restaurant Industry

Compare London’s culinary scene in 2016 to 10 years ago and one thing is clear: social media has had a huge impact on restaurant concept design, restaurant and retail marketing and even the menu.

Read more Posted 22/09/16
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The State of London’s Pubs in 2016

In March 2015, we wrote a piece about the pub sector, claiming that new innovations, the rise of craft beer and a firm move towards gastro pubs had reversed the trajectory of a great British establishment.

Read more Posted 12/09/16
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Night Tube Delivers Boost for Leisure & Hospitality Sector

100,000 people boarded a Night Tube train on the 18th and 19th August, marking a successful start to the service’s opening weekend.

Read more Posted 06/09/16
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44% of London Businesses Worried for Business Rates Revaluation

According to a new survey by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 44% of businesses based in London are worried about the forthcoming revaluation of business rates.

Read more Posted 30/08/16
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A Meyhane has arrived in Marylebone.

Read more Posted 26/08/16
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7 Fantastic Alternative Restaurant Booking Platforms

OpenTable launched way back in 1999, initially as a restaurant management system and later as, a website for making restaurant reservations online.

Read more Posted 22/08/16
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How to Future-Proof Your Restaurant for 2020

Food and dining scenes are rapidly changing.

Read more Posted 16/08/16
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5 Food Trends Affecting Your Restaurant Right Now

As a restaurateur, you operate in a trend-heavy industry. Here are five trends that are sure to influence the UK’s restaurants over the next year.

Read more Posted 11/08/16
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How to Make an Incredible Website for Your Restaurant

These days, a great website is as important an asset to a restaurant as a garden or a famous signature dish.

Read more Posted 10/08/16