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Why Soho Is Still a Viable Acquisition Spot in 2017

Soho has gone from being the seedy underbelly of central London to the trendy, restaurant-laden stomping ground of media sophisticates – and its star just keeps on rising.

Read more Posted 19/06/17
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After a 10 month residency in South Kensington, the oyster experts have found a permanent home in Covent Garden.

Read more Posted 06/06/17
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Immigration Cap Could Stall Growth for Restaurants

If the Conservatives win the election on 8th June and get the chance to implement their manifesto, the UK might see their plans to reduce immigration ‘to the tens of thousands’ come to fruition.

Read more Posted 22/05/17
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How Brexit Has and Will Continue to Affect the Restaurant Business

Since the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union last year there has been talk within the restaurant and hospitality industry about what the impact of this will be for them.

Read more Posted 12/05/17
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Adam Simmonds has launched The Test Kitchen, taking over the old Barrafina site on Frith Street.

Read more Posted 02/05/17
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Chancellor’s U-turn on NIC for Self-Employed and the Impact on Hospitality Industry

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced his plans to raise National Insurance contributions from self-employed workers.

Read more Posted 12/04/17
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Mayfair Property Continues to Attract Foreign Investment

Restaurant Property are specialists in selling Mayfair property to international clients from all corners of the globe.

Read more Posted 07/04/17
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Former senior sous chef at Le Gavroche and Masterchef judge, Monica Galetti is now offering herself up for public judgement with her first solo restaurant.

Read more Posted 30/03/17
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How to Decide What Hours Your Café Should Open

The key to a successful café business is planning and research. Deciding what hours your café should open form an essential part of your overall business plan.

Read more Posted 06/03/17
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L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, the original family-run restaurant opened in Naples in 1870 and is famous for serving up the best pizza in Naples – the pizza capital of the world!

Read more Posted 03/03/17