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Trends in Plates and China for 2017

There was a flurry of media interest last year at the news that bowls were beginning to replace plates in British households.

Read more Posted 16/01/17
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Could the Growing Trend towards Zero Tipping Benefit Your Restaurant Business?

While often required by many restaurants in London and the wider UK hospitality scene, tipping can sometimes be a customer pain point, who wonder how much to give.

Read more Posted 10/01/17
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Can High-end Independent Concepts Learn from Fast Food Service?

The average UK restaurant has a lifespan of about five years.

Read more Posted 04/01/17
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How Burgers Came to Dominate the London ‘Fast Casual’ Market

Burger restaurants are nothing new in London.

Read more Posted 20/12/16
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A new Japanese restaurant has arrived in Mayfair.

Read more Posted 01/12/16
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Exploring Concepts with Giuliano Lotto

One thing that we are well aware of at Restaurant Property is that all successful hospitality outlets have a strong sense of concept.

Read more Posted 24/11/16
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How to Create a Seasonal Pop up

Five years ago, pop-up restaurants were a curiosity reserved for hard-core food enthusiasts.

Read more Posted 21/11/16
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Lease, Tenancy or Freehold: What's Best for Commercial Ownership?

Whichever sector you operate in, leisure property choices are a balance between cost and control: the cost of obtaining your property versus the control you have over it.

Read more Posted 08/11/16
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Should you Buy a Pub?

If you are looking to buy a pub, there are a number of different questions you need to ask yourself.

Read more Posted 08/11/16
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It's always exciting when you hear about a new Salt Yard Group restaurant opening.

Read more Posted 01/11/16