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Most Exciting New Bars Open in London in 2016

From Nuno Mendes to David Muñoz, there is a lot to get excited about.

Earlier this year, we wrote about the 2016 restaurant openings we were most excited about.


From Nuno Mendes to David Muñoz, there is a lot to get excited about. And the world of bars and pubs is no different, with some eye-catching new concepts launching in 2016.

First Aid Box

It appears there is a new care-giving theme to food and drink in South London. First Mark Hix’s druggist themed Pharmacy 2 restaurant reopened, and now Herne Hill’s medical needs are being taken care of by First Aid Box, a novel cocktail concept from Shrub & Shelter founders Chris Edwards and Dave Tregenza. There is food here, but the cocktails are the main attraction, with brand-new drinks like Tigers’ Milk and Luco-Z-Aid offering pseudo-medical benefits aplenty.


Company Below

Underneath Greek Street meatball restaurant Balls & Company, a new speakeasy called Company Below opened up late last year. An intimate bar with plenty of atmosphere, Company Below hosts only 25 drinkers at once – a welcome respite from the busy throngs that spill out onto Soho’s narrow streets. The antithesis of First Aid Box, the cocktails here shun high-tech clinical wizardry in favour of simple ingredients and high-quality spirits.


Humble Grape Fleet Street

Humble Grape are set to launch their second location on the first of May – a clever move which will give you a bank holiday weekend to check out their excellent new property underneath St. Bride’s Church. They serve from an excellent wine list and have a menu of nibbles for a wino to die for, full of all things smoked, salty and delicious. They also serve larger plates and platters, making this an excellent spot for lunch or an after-work catch-up.


The Cocktail Trading Company Brick Lane

Newly landed in Shoreditch, Cocktail Trading Co.’s latest location has been the talk of the town since opening in February. Eccentric and brilliant, even Brick Lane’s notoriously spoilt crowd has been delighted by quirks like serving an entire cocktail as ingredients sealed inside an envelope, which you must then open and assemble yourself; or by selling an aperitif (spelled apairofteeth) featuring a submerged pair of dentures. It’s bold, but it seems to be working.


If you have a world-beating bar concept that is just waiting for the right location to come along, speak to us today. The perfect property may already be on the market.

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