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London’s Best Gastropubs

Not only do each of these pubs serve excellent food, they are also healthy businesses.

As the Gastropub Awards panel makes its decision for 2016’s best gastropubs, our London leisure property experts share their favourite gastropubs in the capital.

Last year, we wrote about how old-fashioned British boozers had to change in order to survive. Here, we celebrate those pubs that have pulled off that transformation best. Not only do each of these pubs serve excellent food, they are also healthy businesses, with able management and a strong, modern brand identity.

1. The Camberwell Arms

The Camberwell Arms has achieved culinary excellence in an area notoriously competitive on pricing. Church Road is a popular South London restaurant hotspot well-known for producing great value for money.

Here, under-£10 fast casual dining is the norm. It is testament to Chef and Co-Owner Michael Davis’ operational skills that his £27-for-two Sunday lunch menu can thrive here – and even go on to win OFM’s Best Sunday Lunch of 2015 award.


2. The Crown, St Margaret’s

Since taking The Crown on leasehold in 2013, Richard Brown has made excellent use of the Twickenham property’s original features and riverside location to become one of the best gastropubs in London.

Implementing the same formula of table service and refined food in a pub setting, he has managed to replicate the success of Surrey’s The Red Lion. The open fire, secluded garden and newspaper selection give The Crown a real ‘village pub’ vibe that is hard to find in London, catering perfectly to village-minded Twickenham/Richmond area.


3. The Stapleton Tavern

Crouch Hill’s Stapleton Tavern is a pub that has fully understood who its patrons are. In an area of young families, senior creative industry professionals and students, the Stapleton Tavern has dominated the gastropub scene with its strong brand, crystallised with board game nights, award-winning guest ales and a £10 pub classics menu executed to perfection.


4. Princess of Shoreditch

All three Noble Inns are fine pubs in great locations. Hiding around the corner from Old Street roundabout, the Bib Gourmand-winning Princess of Shoreditch offers a post-work watering hole downstairs, but a seriously sophisticated restaurant upstairs.  A menu of gentrified classics (piccalilli, black pudding and scotch egg – but not as you know them) is perfect for pulling in the Shoreditch mix of agency professionals and trendy entrepreneurs.


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