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In conversation with Gaucho

The gaucho lifestyle is spent exploring the pampas regions of the Argentinean mineral-rich mountain ranges. The founder of Gaucho sought to bring these influences back to London, along with the worlds finest steaks.

Opening in 1994, the first Gaucho was on Swallow Street, first considered to be 'off the beaten track'. Despite growing to 12 sites in London and a further 4 across the UK, the Gaucho flagship restaurant, Piccadilly, is still located in Swallow Street. The original restaurant grew exponentially thanks to the world class Argentinean Beef, the quirky Latin wine list and the casual setting, a first for London at the time. 

Our founding director David Rawlinson sat down in conversation with Gaucho CEO Martin Williams to discuss Gaucho's recent evolution in design and offering, helping to showcase the modern authentic and diverse Argentina. 

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