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Hyper-Convenience and The Need for ‘Now’

In the not too distant past, long lunches and sociable mealtimes around a table were the order of the day. Nowadays, the ways we eat have changed drastically. People in 2017 are busier than they ever have been, and consumers demand instant gratification.

60% of the 500 survey participants have eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner on the move.


A report by OnePoll (in partnership with Nestlé Professional) entitled ‘Hyper-Convenience: Breaking Boundaries to Meet the Needs of 24/7 Consumer looked at the issue of convenience and found 60% of the 500 survey participants have eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner on the move.

What also became apparent in the survey is that this eating on-the-go trend has extended to how people are ordering their food, with a third of 18-24-year-olds using smart ordering (via smartphone or tablet app) when dining and drinking.

This demand for speed is also mirrored in the amount of time people take on mealtimes. 70% of people are spending 10 minutes or less on breakfast and 95% of people asked spent less than 30 minutes eating lunch.

Technological impact on dining habits

The research was designed to explore how technology is changing the way people eat and drink. Paul Lumley, Brand & Communications Manager at Nestlé Professional, says, “In today’s 24/7 culture, fast-paced technologies such as take-away apps, touch screen vending, smart ordering and contactless payment are driving a convenience revolution that is changing the way we eat and drink.

“To stay relevant, products and services must seamlessly fit into people’s busy and complex lives and provide a consumer experience that is straightforward and fuss-free.”

“For hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars engaged in hyper-convenience, technological innovations open up a wealth of opportunity.”

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