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How Restaurant Interior Concepts Are Driving London's Leisure Industry

Thanks to strong relationships with cutting-edge London leisure operators, we have been exposed to some of the most diverse and attractive restaurant concepts in the world.

Today, restaurants with fresh and unique concepts are driving heightened customer interest in London. Hotshot brands, such as Tramshed, Burger and Lobster and Wahaca, all have distinct themes and disruptive ideas that customers buy into. They are fantastically memorable.

What is it that’s so memorable about a strong concept?

But what is it that’s so memorable about a strong concept? We suspect that interior design plays a big part.

At Tramshed, for example, not many will leave without having discussed the large formaldehyde tank containing a real cow and chicken.

High-end design

The London restaurant market is saturated with high-end operators jostling for business. So, how do you meet the design preferences of some of the world’s most discerning customers? Especially when their day-to-day worlds are already rich with delights.

Unsurprisingly, The Ivy London continues to lead the way in luxury design. Here you can see Martin Brudnizki Design Studio’s stunning refurbishment, based on the distinct 1930s style of the Ivy restaurant. It retains the heritage of the building while cutting through today’s trends with angular lighting and punchy pastels. It also houses an impressive collection of young and established British artist’s work.

The pièce de résistance is a 1970s Venini chandelier that was found and meticulously restored.

Hot on the heels of the Ivy, in terms of style, is the Hélène Darroze restaurant at the Connaught. It’s contemporary and elegant, and well worth your attention.

Premiumised informal design

There has been a casual dining revolution in London thanks to what some call “premiumised informality”. Single-food concepts like ByronBurger and Lobster and Beast have generated interiors that express their craft brand values, and interior designers are pushing to make every incarnation of these chains stand out.

Design agency DesignLSM has been working with Burger and Lobster since 2008, using authentic Nova Scotia lobster pots to create dividing walls, and marrying the operator’s brand guidelines with the premises to deliver a warm, relaxed interior that is always remarkable on arrival.

The Goodman Restaurant Group’s Beast has also worked with DesignLSM to create a dining experience unlike any other. Inspired by old Norwegian fishing huts where king crabs would be eaten communally with friends and family, Beast’s interior consists of long wooden tables and benches, with the walls lined with tanks that are home to live king crabs. This immersive and authentic interior is what is helping to drive Beast’s sales.

Like you, we are passionate about experiencing the theatre of dining in London. We know and work with many stylistic front-runners, and if you are looking to bolster your concept, or expose your property to the market, contact your restaurant property agent today to see how we can support your mission.

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