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Four Up and Coming Chefs to Watch Out For

Here are four names that we think will be achieving big things in 2016.

In the restaurant world, everyone from critics to suppliers wants to know which chefs will step up to become the big names of tomorrow.

We at Restaurant Property are no different. We are always looking for strong, new restaurant concepts to introduce to landlords with restaurants to let in London. Here are four names that we think will be achieving big things in 2016.

Niall Davidson

Niall Davidson first appeared on the radar through an incredibly successful pop-up concept called Beef Cartel in 2011. For £45, guests were treated to an evening-long platter of perfectly cooked Isle of Mull beef.

Beef Cartel got some rave reviews and proved Niall’ business acumen. He has worked for the like of Noma, St. John, Bread & Wine but this year he has been working as sous chef to Nuno Mendes at celebrity hotspot Chiltern Firehouse, one of London’s foremost restaurants, in Marylebone. He now plans to open his own restaurant.


Annabel Partridge

Annabel Partridge’s career started when she landed a job in the kitchen of her favourite restaurant, Richmond’s Petersham Nurseries. Like Niall, her next move was in a pop-up that quickly grew in reputation.

Supper in a Pear Tree (a Partridge inspired name) is a bold, novel restaurant concept that is part evening dinner, part art class. The art is not the only thing that turned out to be fine, and now she is sous chef to legendary chef Skye Gyngell.


Lee Tiernan

Lee Tiernan is a globetrotting chef best known for being Head Chef at Spitalfields’  St John Bred & Wine. Famous for their nose-to-tail philosophy, he became an expert in cooking all cuts.

He now puts that knowledge to good use in a new venture, Black Axe Mangal. The concept was crash tested as a pop up in Copenhagen, but now finds a permanent home in the restaurant property hotspot between Essex Road, Canonbury and Highbury & Islington. The idea is simple: mix a Middle Eastern grill with Glam Rock décor and wait for the seats to fill up.


Jackson Berg

Jackson Berg’s career as a chef started at 18, when he was offered a job in Jamie Oliver’s non-profit Shoreditch restaurant, Fifteen. Since then, he has worked in a number of trendy restaurants in the East End, including two years at the Shoreditch Ace Hotel.

He now heads up Bistrotque, a Bethnal Green Bistro with typical East London chic. It will be exciting to see what Jackson does to keep things fresh at a restaurant whose main fame is being a fine eatery in a historically rough area. As gentrification looks set to make competition fiercer in Bethnal Green, he will need some good ideas to stay ahead of the

Landlords with premium restaurant properties should always be on the lookout for gifted young chefs eager to create their breakthrough menu. At Restaurant Property, we specialise in finding the best restaurant operators for the best property and have an ever-expanding and exclusive database of proven operators.


If you are a leisure property landlord looking to secure a knock-out restaurant operator, please get in touch today at 020 7935 2222 or email now.

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