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David Rawlinson: Reflecting on 23 Years at the Forefront of London's Restaurant Property Scene

David Rawlinson, Director of London's prominent leisure agency, Restaurant Property, opens up about the peaks and troughs of the past 23 years, highlighting both the industry's evolution and the company's resilience.


Over the past two decades, Rawlinson has been a pivotal force in many headline deals. Via his relationships with the famous Waney family, he has been behind many of the high-end Central London deals such as Roka Mayfair, Roka Aldwych, Meraki and Saltie Girl. Another feather in his cap includes the acquisition of Petrus for Gordon Ramsay, followed by The Original Bread Street Kitchen and Heddon Street Kitchen.


While many might associate Restaurant Property with Michelin stars, Rawlinson recollects the golden days when they were the agents for Pizza Express. "At its zenith, they were snapping up over 50 sites annually," he recalls.


Among the clientele, the name Philip Kaye stands out – not only for being the oldest but also for the long-standing business relationship. "Just last week, we inked a deal on New Oxford Street for him," says Rawlinson, hinting at the lease to Chubby Bunny.


Some of the standout mentions from his memory vault include the illustrious Sexy Fish deal and the recent completion of two projects in Dubai. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing. Reflecting on challenges like Brexit, Covid, rocketing energy prices, and soaring interest rates, Rawlinson remarked, "Imagine facing all of these almost simultaneously. It's a testament to our and many of our client’s endurance."


Perhaps the milestone that truly cemented Restaurant Property’s reputation was the appointment by *Grosvenor* on their esteemed Mayfair Estate in 2007.


However, the backbone of the company remains its dynamic team. "We've weathered storms and bounced back, stronger," Rawlinson proudly mentions.


To the newcomers in the field, his advice is straightforward, "Work diligently and uphold your integrity. Your reputation is invaluable."


With the unique selling proposition of having London's most extensive selection of on and off-market sites, Restaurant Property stands unrivalled. "Our stockpile is unmatched, a sentiment echoed by many of our clients," he affirms.


New clients eager to explore the gastronomic real estate world? "Ring us up! We're all ears," invites Rawlinson.


In the midst of bustling business deals, Restaurant Property's commitment to giving back shines through. They've been staunch supporters of Action Against Hunger for over a decade, matching every client donation.



Away from the hustle, Rawlinson unwinds with a round of golf at Moor Park in Hertfordshire, a testament to his love for the sport.



About Restaurant Property: Since 2000, we have positioned ourselves as the leading specialist in leisure property such as restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels. Our team of industry experts utilise enviable contacts to provide clients with a premium service, from start to finish, enabling current or prospective leisure businesses to achieve success.


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