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5 Qualities of Great Leisure Property Agents

Over the past 15 years, Restaurant Property has become the leading specialist agency for London’s leisure sector.

Restaurant Property has become the leading specialist agency for London’s leisure sector.

1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality and an informed professional approach are absolutely key in the leisure property market. If a party’s interest in a property becomes public knowledge, this can affect prices, and a business’s management may want to shield staff from the sales process. It is clear that a lack of tact and confidentiality can have serious repercussions.

2. Network

The key to being able to deliver optimum outcomes for our disposal and acquisition clients is our large network of industry contacts. We keep a database of 10,000 industry operators – people we know who are active in the industry right now.

Using this unparalleled resource, we are able to deliver excellent outcomes for property sales and match high-profile industry names and brands with their perfect locations. We have acquired property for the likes of Roka, Prezzo, Gordon Ramsey Holdings PLC and Be At One, and have worked with London’s most important estates: Grosvenor and Shaftesbury PLC.


3. Specialist knowledge

In an environment as competitive as London’s restaurant spaces, specialising in leisure space alone gives an agency a huge head-start. Immersed in the leisure sector of the market, a property agent acquires a competitive advantage over generalist competition.

At Restaurant Property, we collect detailed industry data on all existing and planned restaurants in the UK, giving us an exclusive database of 30,000 sites, making us a powerhouse of industry knowledge.


4. Extensive portfolio

A good agency will be able to find the perfect property for every restaurant venture. From the purpose-built space and the characterful converted property, to the mixed-use development and high-street hot spot, having the right properties for any kind of client is key.

Our agents are instructed on 100 restaurant and leisure sites and have up to 3,000 sites available on our internal system at any given time. We have worked on London’s most exciting recent property developments, from Nine Elms to STANHOPE’s BBC TV Centre development in White City.


5. Great references

A great agency forms a lasting relationship with their clients. We don’t just sell property space, we offer operational and strategic advice to our clients over a long period of time, matching landlord supply to tenant demand only when the time is right.

After working in the sector for a number of years, any good property agents will naturally collect a roster of happy clients. Here is what ours have had to say about us.

George Bukhov, Burger & Lobster

“Restaurant Property were the first agency I met in London in 2008 and they have been of terrific assistance in helping with our expansion plans. They are honest, extremely well informed and work hard to help their clients achieve their goals.”

Julia Wilkinson, Shaftesbury PLC

“We appointed Restaurant Property to act on our estate and were delighted with the result. Their professionalism and hard work was very much appreciated and we would recommend them in a heartbeat”

Tom Knight, the Portman Estate

“The Restaurant Property team has been able to provide clear, detailed and focused advice on our estate. They work with energy and enthusiasm to secure tenants in line with our letting strategy. We are delighted to have them as our restaurant advisors.”

To see how our agents can help your restaurant brand, call us today on 020 7935 2222 or email


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