Bars for Sale London

As London's leading leisure property specialist, Restaurant Property are well positioned to deliver you the premium service when you are searching for a bar for sale in London. 

With a wide selection of online, off-market and confidential London bars for sale, we will help you to find the right property for you and your business. 


Bars for sale vs for rent vs tenancy

Before searching for a bar for sale, it is important to understand the distinction between properties that are available for sale versus those for rent and tenancy. Choosing which type of property ownership is right for you and your business is a matter of balancing control versus cost. Freehold bars for sale offer the greatest degree of control to the owner, as you will be free to run the bar exactly as you choose. However, this method of running a bar is also the most expensive, especially upfront costs. In comparison, renting a bar or searching for a bar tenancy offers a lower cost alternative, but there will be restrictions on how you run the bar, such as beer ties, rent hikes or franchising regulations. 

Things to consider when searching for a bar for sale

Following the changes to planning regulations in September 2020, bars now fall under the Sui Generis use class, having previously been under the A4 Use Class up until 31 August 2020. Whilst the regulatory changes were introduced to simplify the planning process, it is important to note that sui generis properties do not necessarily benefit from permitted development rights to change use. Even changing from one sui generis use to another might be subject to full local consideration through the planning application process. All of this combines to ensure that careful consideration and industry expertise is required in relation to any Sui Generis related property matters. Fortunately, our enterprising team of property experts are on hand to help with any issues you may have.

At Restaurant Property, we are aware that owning and purchasing bars is more than simply a commercial endeavour; it’s a passion for fostering human connections, providing excellent hospitality, and creating unforgettable experiences. We offer you a range of bars for sale that capture the essence of London thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expertise of the bar sector and our sharp eye for distinctive establishments. If you are looking for a bar for sale in London, Restaurant Property can help. Register your property search requirements with our team of property experts to ensure you do not miss out on the ideal property for you or your pub business.

Choosing the right bar for your business

Making sure that our customers can make the best choices for their tastes, financial objectives, and operating style is one of our top priorities. Every bar has its own distinctive qualities, personality, and narrative. Our committed teamwork around the clock to support you in your search for the ideal bar that matches your vision. It can be difficult and time-consuming to find the ideal bar to buy in London because there are so many different factors to consider. Using our advanced search filters, we give a thorough overview of each bar, including its location, size, licensing, and financial information. 

The bars we offer caters to a variety of investors and bar owners. To make sure there is something for everyone, we identify a carefully curated collection of bars for sale that fit different tastes, themes and locations. Whilst our website gives you a range of options to consider, the widest selection of bars for sale are available off-market. We can advise on these opportunities, so whether you are interested in purchasing a chic wine bar in Mayfair or a fashionable cocktail bar in Soho, our team can help. We are a dependable source for aspiring investors and bar owners, providing our clients with the real-time information to keep you abreast and stay ahead of the curve. 

Taking the next steps

Once you have found a bar for sale that you are interested in, chances are you will have to take part in thorough AML checks. These anti-money laundering checks, also known as Know Your Clients (KYC), are a legal requirement for bars with rent of over £10,000 per annum. A check is run using a software that is able to confirm an individual’s identity using their Identification and Proof of address, as well as informing us if the individual is a politically exposed person or has any bad debt.