Eliza Esenbek
Dubai Partner

Email: eliza.esenbek@crcproperty.com


Eliza has been living in Dubai for the last sixteen years, slowly Dubai became close to her heart and it has become her home.

Eliza spent quality time between the Real Estate, Financial & Offshore industries.

She is inspired by the city infrastructure, and architecture and is thrilled to be part of the evolving city and its growth.

She truly believes hard work, persistence, and consistency along with the right set of skills are the key to success and drive to achieve goals in both personal and professional life.

Eliza is a result-oriented, people person, it is a unique combination feeding her passion for growth and success.

Eliza loves traveling and discovering new places. Usually starts her day burning negative energy at the Gym, total foodie, spends a lot of time outdoors and under the sun.

Eliza is leading a Retail – F&B division at CRC (Commercial Real Estate Company) part of Better homes LLC helping many brands to secure great locations.

Favourite Restaurants: