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Pied a Terre’s David Moore

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David Rawlinson
Founding Director

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Restaurateur David Moore is the founder and owner of Pied a Terre.

As a food and wine expert and hospitality consultant, Moore is a man of discerning tastes, both literally and figuratively speaking. It’s because of his attention to detail and impressive career that makes us extremely proud to have worked with such a restaurant professional.

Restaurant Property's Founding Director David Rawlinson first met Moore in 2007 when he was looking to expand his property portfolio with a second site. Rawlinson successfully represented Moore on this acquisition in 2007. 10 years later Rawlinson sold the lease to Simon Rogan. Moore continued to trade well, holding a Michelin star from the very first day until the day he closed.

"We opened Pied a Terre in 1991 so I’ll have been in business for 27 years next year."

David Moore – L’Autre Pied, Blanford Street, Pied a Terre Group.

Moore’s work ethic and love of fine dining dovetails perfectly with Restaurant Property’s ethos, making it a perfect match for a successful business. We spoke to David for a look at his experience of working with us.


Who are you?
I’m a restaurateur and owner of Michelin starred Pied-a-terre.

How long has the company been in business?
We opened Pied a Terre in 1991 so I’ll have been in business for 27 next year.

How did you hear about Restaurant Property?
Restaurant Property’s Founding Director David Rawlinson approached us with a site they thought would be perfect for our next business venture.


Key Challenges

What were the issues that led you to Restaurant Property?
We were thinking at the time that we should open a second restaurant and they came along with a truly great location. Restaurant Property were acting for the landlord and they approached us with it.

What changes were you looking to make?
We had thought for a while that we should expand the restaurant’s offering with another restaurant (L’Autre Pied) at 5-7 Blandford Street, W1U.

With a restaurant in already in the nearby area (34 Charlotte Street, Fizrovia, W1T), it seemed like the perfect area to expand into, as target demographic, footfall etc. had already been tried and tested.



How was the transactional process with Restaurant Property? Any points of friction or troubles? If so, how were these overcome?
David Rawlinson was very helpful and guided us through the process. We were kept informed and updated at every stage of the transaction.



Thanks to the excellent service provided by Restaurant Property we were able to sell the site for a top premium, despite the current London property market being rather tough.

How did Restaurant Property help you achieve your business objectives?
We closed L’Autre Pied (on 9th September) because we’ve had amazing opportunities to do other things. Having had 10 years in Marylebone we’re looking at other opportunities. We’re going to move forward, but we’ve got some ideas for Pied a Terre.

Restaurant Property originally assisted with the buying of L’Autre Pied and they subsequently assisted in exiting the site by finding a suitable buyer.


Quote from the client

“When searching for our most recent site, I knew we would need help from a company that was streaks ahead of the rest; a company that has an exceptional understanding of the industry, who would fully appreciate our needs and supply us with quality property details. Restaurant Property did just that. They offered a reliable, thorough service. Never a call unanswered of query unresolved. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Restaurant Property’s services again in the future.”

David Moore – L’Autre Pied, Blanford Street, Pied a Terre Group.


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